Granting Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (CRPL) ensures that students commence study at a level that appropriately recognises their prior learning experiences and are not required to repeat equivalent learning successfully undertaken in another context.

Danford Higher Education is committed to develop open and accessible guidelines to grant credit towards a course of study based on prior learning, whether from formal studies or professional work experience.

Students choosing to study at Danford Higher Education can apply to have their previous formal and informal studies along with work/life experience recognised through Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning. Information on DHE’s policy on CRPL can be found in following this link: POL030 Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning. Read the information below, and if you are eligible and interested in applying for CRPL you should do so at the time of enrolling in the course of your choice.

The application form will guide you through the process of applying and will identify all the required documentation that needs to be supplied for your application to be assessed. Since your application may be based on previous studies and/or work/life experience, you will need to determine the basis on which you are applying for credits for your chosen course. Please read the information below before completing the application form and submit it as per the directions within the form.

Credit Transfer

A credit transfer is awarded based on a person's previous studies that align closely with the units in their chosen DHE course. These earlier studies may have been at the same Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level as their chosen DHE course, such as a degree with another provider. Alternatively, these earlier studies may have been at a lower AQF level, for example, with a TAFE or private Registered Training Organisation (that is, a non-Higher Education Diploma). Your studies in another country may also be recognised if they qualify, and if you can provide all the documentation specified in the prescribed form, an assessment can be made.

Recognition of Prior Learning

This may be based on the following; non formal education or training which do not result in formal qualifications, informal learning based on work and life experiences which can be aligned with the knowledge and skills in a unit(s) which form(s) part of the DHE qualification. The application form for CRPL will guide you through the process and identify all the documentation you need to supply with your application. The information you supply in your application will be treated confidentially. You may withdraw your application at any time. Assessments for CRPL are made by qualified and experienced academic staff. Information regarding CRPL can be found in POL030 Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning. To apply for CRPL, please fill in the form through the following link: CRPL Application Form

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