Danford Higher Education has a network of experienced authorised agents around the world.


5 Steps to become an Education Agent for Us

  1. Complete the digital application form (Education Agent Application Form)

  2. Submit your completed digital application along with the following documents:

     – Company profile 

    –  Certificate of Registration of Business name   

  3. Danford Higher Education (DHEDanford Higher Education (DHE) will conduct a reference check on your business. Based on the outcome of the reference check and other information provided, a decision will be made, and you will be contacted. If the outcome is positive, DHE will send you the Education Agent Agreement, which will outline the terms, conditions, and commissions payable for a successful partnership.

  4. Sign the Education Agent Agreement and send it back to DHE.  

  5. As soon as we receive your signed copy DHE will activate the Agreement and you can commence your work as an approved agent for DHE. 

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